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The Dunkalida Lakehouse was established in 2013 as a getaway for friends and families to enjoy life away from home. Many 5am nights have been shared over the summer months ("Friday is the night") and have resulted in stories Steve wish he could share, but unfortunately can't remember the majority of them due to intoxication. Nevertheless here are some fun facts about 1248 Spring Lake Rd:

  • The Dunkalida Lakehouse was originally named "The Nestled Hollow". 

  • The cottage was built in 1961.

  • In 2015, a mystery puke was found in the front yard, and to this day, no one has discovered the culprit.

  • Spring Lake has gobbled up some valuable items over the years, from shorts, to wedding bands, to wallets.

  • The term "Smoked a piss" was originated at Spring Lake.

  • The late Michael Jackson has made two career performances at "Steve's Tavern", a local pub located a few short steps from the cottage.

  • Shawn Kraus and Matthew Fraser were crowned the first ever Dunkalidapalooza Olympic Champions in 2016.

  • Steve & Alida's neighbour Dave Krabi will only drink light beer. You will never convince him otherwise.

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